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'Fixer Uppers' & 'Renovator's Dreams'

We've all seen the real estate ads selling 'a renovator's dream' and we know what that really means - a cheap, run-down old house that needs a lot of work. But if you're prepared to put in the effort, these 'fixer uppers' can become a first-class home or investment property. Here are some tips for turning that 'renovator's dream' into a dream home.

Don't live in a fixer upper

Living in a semi-functional house is more trouble than it's worth, and should be avoided if possible. If the house is your only residence you can make life easier by renting a storage unit to keep as many of your belongings as possible while you remodel.

renovators dream

Combining old and new

Most people want a classic house with modern conveniences. Putting a new kitchen or solar hot water system into a federation-era home will increase its value. Removing the original wood flooring or ornamental facade will not.

Budget renovations

If you're renovating an old house on a tight budget, make a list of all the possible improvements and choose ones that will make the house more liveable as well as more attractive.

Replacing broken old doorknobs, regrouting tiles and installing ceiling insulation are just a few small improvements that go a long way!

Order in the house

Think carefully about the ordering of your renovations. Plastering and painting your walls before you fix the wiring will lead to expensive and annoying backtracking later.

A good general rule is to start with the roofing and then move on to the major systems - plumbing and gas, electricity, heating and cooling. From there you can move onto the floors, walls, ceilings etc.

Don't do it (all) yourself

Fixing up an old house on your own is a rewarding project, but don't be afraid to call a professional if you get stuck. Getting a licensed builder in for the trickier jobs means they€ll get done right the first time, saving you money in the long run.

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