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Kit Homes

So, you've just bought that block of land and now you need a house to put on it. How about a kit home? Here is the lowdown on these quick and easy, high quality houses.

A pre-fab home is an ab-fab home

There is a common misconception that kit homes are somehow inferior to traditionally built homes. In actual fact, because pre-fabricated homes are built in a quality-controlled factory environment, they can be better than a standard house.

Kit homes are designed to handle movement, stress and lifting, so the next time you decide to move, you can take your house with you!

kit homes

Types of kit homes

There is a large range of kit home styles available, including:

  1. Steel frame. These homes are built around a steel structure so are very strong and quick to assemble. They are also fireproof, termite proof and environmentally friendly.
  2. Timber frame. If you like a more traditional look, go for a timber frame home. The timbers are pre-cut and finished at the factory to be assembled on site.
  3. Panel homes. Made from a series of pre-manufactured panels, these are very easy to put together.
  4. Log cabins. These classic cabins are made from a series of horizontal logs.

Kit homes come in pretty much any size, from a simple granny flat to a near-mansion!

How long does it take to build a kit home?

A kit home with bathroom, kitchen and laundry is generally ready to install in four to eight weeks. After this, it will take another two to four weeks to assemble on site.

Building a kit home

You can build a kit home in three ways: do it yourself, hire a builder, or get the manufacturer to do it for you.

We don't recommend trying to build a kit home yourself. Even pre-fabricated homes are a challenge to put together, and any mistakes you make may void the manufacturer's warranty.

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