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Kitchen Renovation Tips

A functional kitchen that's a pleasure to use can turn a good house into a great house. Here are some tips to make sure your kitchen renovation doesn't come out half-baked or over budget.

Design your kitchen for everyday use

When designing your new kitchen, think carefully about how it will be used. Are the major appliances (stove, oven, fridge and microwave) close enough to each other and the benchtop? Are there enough power points and are they conveniently located? Will the kitchen be used by kids, elderly people or anyone else with special requirements?

kitchen renovation

Keep the same floor plan

Moving gas lines, plumbing or major electrical wiring is very expensive. Designing your new kitchen with the sink, stove and oven in the same place as your old kitchen will save you a packet.

Measure things up

Be careful to check and double-check your measurements when designing your kitchen. A beautiful granite bench top isn't much use if you haven't left enough space for the stove!

Kitchen storage

You can never have too much storage space in your kitchen. Make sure it can fit everything you own now, as well as leaving room to add more weapons to your cooking arsenal.

A little goes a long way

Do you really need to replace your whole kitchen? Sometimes a new bench top and cabinet doors is all you need to breath new life into a tired old kitchen. Upgrading the stove and oven can also be a big step forward.

Buy second hand

Consider buying second hand bench tops, cabinets or appliances. Check out newspaper classifieds, salvage yards and eBay to score yourself a bargain on classic kitchen decor.

Kitchen professionals

While some people elect to do their own kitchen renovation, you can't beat the advice of a professional. Architects, interior designers, builders, plumbers and electricians are all people you might want to talk to before starting your dream kitchen.

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