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Mud Brick homes

Mud bricks have been used in buildings for thousands of years, and their low cost, natural look and green credentials are making them a popular choice for modern homes.

How mud bricks are made

Mud bricks are made from clay, sand and water. Straw is usually added to hold the bricks together and prevent cracking.

The mud mixture starts drying in a mould before the bricks are removed to finish baking in the sun and open air.

Mud bricks can be made to any size, but are usually significantly bigger than a standard house brick.

You can make mud bricks yourself, but the time and physical effort involved means most people get their mud bricks delivered by a professional supplier.

Mud brick homes

You can construct load-bearing walls entirely from mud bricks, but mud homes are usually built around a steel or timber frame.

The bricks are joined with a mortar made of the same clay, sand and water mix as the bricks themselves.

mud brick homes

Painting and finishing mud bricks

Mud brick walls can be left unpainted for a natural organic look, or can be rendered for painting.

You can buy paints especially designed for mud bricks, or make your own by mixing clay and water.

The green brick

Mud bricks provide excellent insulation for your home. They store heat during the day and release it slowly at night, making them the perfect choice for cold climates.

Unlike conventional bricks, the only energy required to make mud bricks is human labour and the heat of the sun.

Because mud can often be taken from your property itself, there is little or carbon cost involved in transporting mud bricks.

A soundproof house

The natural density of mud bricks makes them extremely good at blocking noise, so you will always have a quiet, peaceful home.

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