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Avoid car freight mistakes - a great move!

Bless that four-wheeled friend parked in your garage. Your car is the trusty steed that transports you wherever you need to go. But when it comes to moving interstate, it is your car's turn to hitch a ride. Give the green light to professional car freight. As I found out, this is the quickest route to saving yourself time, stress and expense.

Why your car should hitch an interstate ride

Our family was planning an interstate move. I seriously weighed up driving our car while the rest of the family flew. At first happy visions of packing our car to the gunnels were entertained. Surely this would save us car freight costs while ensuring nobody else drove the vehicle.

Soon though, happy visions gave way to reality. I would be driving interstate for three days straight surrounded by assorted belongings to cramp me. I'd also face hidden costs such as:

  1. accommodation
  2. fuel
  3. potential damage
  4. vehicle wear & tear
Car Freight Mistakes

Many people mistakenly consider interstate car freight too expensive. But unlike DIY transportation, car freight lets you work with one up-front cost and utmost convenience like:

  1. door-to-door pickup & delivery
  2. Expert handling
  3. Reduced risk of damage
  4. relevant insurance cover
  5. protection against interstate changes in climate

Car freight IQ - do your research

Your car it a major investment. Just think of all that fuel, maintenance and insurance. Not all car freight companies are created equal and it is important you know your vehicle is in expert hands. Before hiring, always thoroughly check for:

  1. a fully itemised quote
  2. available references
  3. insurance cover
  4. appropriate licenses & experience
  5. applicable policies

Be sure to fully prepare your car for freight too. You can safeguard against damage by:

  1. cleaning your vehicle to help identification of damage upon delivery
  2. defueling
  3. tying down aerials

You can't go past car freight for moving your vehicle interstate conveniently and cost-effectively. Use Compare Quotes to instantly connect with quality tested car freighters anytime.

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