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Car transport basics

Ok, so you need your car moved interstate. I bet you have lots of unanswered questions. What exactly is car moving? What vehicle freight costs am I likely to incur? Well, let’s get down to basics. Read on for an overview about interstate vehicle moving.

Interstate Car Moving

Regardless of distance, there are many car moving basics to consider. Interstate or local, it doesn’t matter. Below are some worthwhile tips to consider:

  1. Plan and book ahead well in advance
  2. Remove all personal items from your vehicle
  3. Conduct a vehicle check prior to the car being loaded
  4. Ensure you have adequate car damage and theft insurance
  5. Ensure pick-up or storage upon vehicle delivery
Car moving interstate vehicle freight

Get these basics right and you’re on your way to being a smooth car mover!

Vehicle Freight Costs

Taking your car with you interstate comes at a cost. In this case, vehicle freight charges. Fortunately, the cost of freighting a vehicle has decreased in recent years.

There are still basic steps to take to help reduce your vehicle freight costs. These include:

  1. Work out your exact moving needs
  2. Be flexible with departure and delivery dates (if possible)
  3. Get several quotes from different companies
  4. Haggle between car transport companies
  5. If possible, get all your moving done via the one company (eg. Household and car)

Hopefully this beginner’s guide to car moving and vehicle freight basics is useful. Good luck with your move.


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