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Car transport checklist

With Compare Quotes and a few simple steps, relocating your car is easy. Use our handy checklist to prepare your car for safe transportation. You can then rest easy that your quality-tested transport freighter will handle all the rest.

4 weeks out
  1. Use Compare Quotes to obtain costs for quality-tested vehicle freighters.
  2. Select and book your vehicle freighter.
  3. Provide your car’s make, model and dimensions to freighter.
  4. Note: While it is preferable to select your vehicle freighter in advance, we can also make ‘last minute’ car relocations a breeze. Our suggestion of booking your vehicle freighter 4 weeks out is simply for your ease and peace of mind.
2 weeks out
  1. Begin removing all personal and loose items
  2. Begin emptying all compartments eg. CD player
  3. Keep a close eye on your car’s mechanics to spot any problems
1 week out
  1. Thoroughly wash your car
  2. Document any existing cosmetic damage
  3. Complete a pre-transportation condition report
  4. Ensure working brakes, including hand brake
  5. Ensure all glass is in tact
  6. Ensure all four wheels are capable of being rolled during loading/unloading
The day before
  1. Inflate tyres
  2. Ensure car battery is fully charged
  3. Have fuel tank ¼ full
  4. Ensure all necessary fluids are topped off
  5. Document any mechanical problems or instructions
On the day
  1. Ensure roof and windows are sealed and secured
  2. Fold back mirrors and retract antennae
  3. Remove or secure all speciality items eg. spoilers
  4. Remove radio faceplate
  5. Ensure car and compartments are empty
  6. Disable car alarm

Provide your freighter with:

  1. Car alarm operating instructions and devices
  2. Any special operating instructions
  3. Car keys and steering to prevent steering lock

For more, see our car transport FAQ, car transport Tips and car transport Articles.  Or simply start comparing quotes.


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