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Car transport for non-drivable vehicles

What kinds of vehicles fall under the category of non-drivable? It could be a car, truck, van or motorbike that has been involved in an accident, it could have simply broken down or it might be that long anticipated restoration project you’ve been working on for the last twenty years.

Whatever the reasons for your vehicle falling under the non-drivable category, it’s important to remember that not all car transport companies will transport non-drivable vehicles.
Compare Quotes will direct you to only the most reputable car transport companies who specialise in this area of vehicle freight.

Moving Damaged Vehicles 

Before a car transport company can transport a non-drivable vehicle

There are several important issues for you to consider:

  1. Working brakes are essential, including the hand brake.
  2. All glass must be intact for your safety as well as the car transport company personnel
  3. Four wheels (or two if it’s a motorcycle) must be capable of being rolled during loading and unloading.
  4. As with all vehicles being transported by car transport companies it’s important that your insurance is in place.
  5. All personal items should be removed from your vehicle prior to transportation.
  6. Steering must be workable, and all keys must be provided to prevent steering lock during vehicle transportation.

Be prepared for the car transporter to charge extra

Some car transport companies charge an additional handling fee to transport non-drivable vehicles and some warranty conditions may not be the same as those for drivable vehicles.

Even though your vehicle is non-drivable it is above all your valued property. Compare Quotes endorse only car transporters where your non-drivable vehicle is transported in a safe, secure and time efficient manner.

For more, see our car transport FAQ, car transport Tips, car transport Checklist and other car transport Articles.  Or simply start comparing quotes.

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