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Freighting your home-away-from-home

Creature comfort thy name is caravan! What other amazing vehicle lets you take all the comforts of home to the road? As a devoted owner there’s no way I’d risk any harm coming to my caravan. So I’ve added another ‘creature comfort’ to the mix. It is called vehicle transportation and it makes moving your caravan, heaven. Whenever I need caravan relocation with no hidden costs, I call in professional freighters. Here’s why.

When would I need my caravan freighted?

In their heyday, caravans were a static landmark at your long-standing family holiday spot. But no longer. We use caravans to explore new sights or offer cosy alternative accommodation to a house. I have had my own caravan professionally freighted for many reasons including:

Vehicle transport freight caravan relocation
  1. Moving house interstate
  2. Visiting a different holiday destination
  3. Purchasing a new caravan from interstate vendors

Each time, placing my beloved investment in professional hands saved me oodles of angst.

Why vehicle transport is heaven on wheels

Sure, there is no more relaxing haven to kick off your shoes and relax than a cosy caravan. But shifting it is no holiday. Just some of the challenges you face if you tow your caravan yourself include:

  1. Parking restrictions
  2. Narrow, winding roads
  3. Challenging reversing
  4. Separate registration and insurance
  5. Appropriate maintenance
  6. Special braking and safety margins
  7. Security issues, like opportunistic thieves

Whew! Suddenly your caravan feels less like a welcome haven and more like a burden. Thank goodness professional vehicle transport can instantly lighten your load. They are skilled and experienced at freighting heavy vehicles and offer a sure-fire way to protect your investment during transit. Plus there are plenty of additional perks to boot, including:

  1. Full insurance
  2. Convenient door-to-door service
  3. Ongoing customer service
  4. Reduced risk of damage

Your home-away-from-home can hitch a ride with a custom-built freight fleet that caters to its unique requirements. So you have no worries, no driving dramas and no tangling with additional insurance. This is why I call vehicle transportation an invaluable creature comfort for caravans!


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