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Moving commercial vehicles

Finding a suitable and reputable vehicle freight company to move your utility, four wheel drive, van or trailer can cause headaches. Many of the same concerns faced by the owners moving passenger cars and motorbikes are applicable for the owners of commercial vehicles.

Does your insurance extend to vehicle freight?

Insurance is a key factor and you must be certain that all your policies are up to date and adequate for the transportation of your commercial vehicle.

Moving Commercial Vehicles 

Leaving items in your commercial vehicle during freight

It is unsafe and unwise to leave loose items or anything valuable or breakable in your van, trailer, or four wheel drive.
Vehicle freight companies are not covered for the damage to your personal items, only for the possible damage to your vehicle itself. If you are in business or not, if you’re a sole trader or if you are a contractor you must make sure that you as an individual or your company is covered for the move of your commercial vehicle.  See vehicle freight tips for more.

How your commercial vehicle is secured for freight

Once a licensed commercial vehicle freight company representative loads your utility, four wheel drive, van or trailer onto one of their freight vehicles they will ensure it is securely held in place using industry standard wheel clamps, braces etc. All care and due diligence will be taken to ensure the safe transportation of your commercial vehicle.

Loading and unloading from the freight vehicle

Because you have a larger vehicle you are naturally have questions about the way in which it is loaded onto the truck, loaded off and indeed the way it is transported from door to door, or depot to depot. To cater for commercial vehicles, Multi Car Transporters (the same type used to transport new vehicles from car manufactures to their dealers) are used.


For your peace of mind, Compare Quotes will only direct you to commercial vehicle freighters who meet the stringent codes of conduct in place for this well regulated industry.

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