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Difficult vehicles to transport

Interstate car moving can be hard enough. Let alone if you're moving a difficult car. Sometimes extra care is required. And that can spell extra cost. Identify difficult types of vehicles to move and why it can cost more. It's better to be informed than not!

Moving difficult cars interstate

Wouldn't it be nice if everything was simple? Unfortunately, this just isn't the case. Especially when it comes to interstate car moving. There are literally thousands of car makes, models and types on sale. From small hatchbacks to super sized utility vehicles. Some of these cars are easy to freight. Others, however, are not.

Car moving interstate vehicle freight cost

Known special needs vehicles types include:

  1. Old cars
  2. Classic cars
  3. Sports cars
  4. Exotic cars
  5. Large SUV vehicles
  6. Non driveable cars

Vehicle freights costs

Like most things in life, extra requirements means additional charges. If your car falls into one of the above groups, factor in added vehicle freight cost. It's the premium you must pay for safe vehicle transport interstate.

For example, do you require enclosed transport if you're freighting a classic convertible car? Perhaps the added expense of using an enclosed container for your sports car is worthwhile? What about extra padding and protection for your fragile classic car? Even simple things like large vehicles cost more due to the extra space and weight they take up.

The costs certainly add up. Good luck with moving your car interstate.

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