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Is car freight more eco friendly?

Being environmentally friendly, or going green, isn't a trend. You need only look at your local supermarket. Or primary school. Even your neighbour's recycle bin to see that going green is the going thing. It's a way of life that has caught on in Australia. It's also caught on in the vehicle shipping business.

Costs of vehicle shipping


a vehicle shipping carrier can be an environmentally-friendly choice. Unfortunately, not every vehicle can be shipped. Some must be driven to their destinations. For those who choose eco friendly vehicle shipping, you're making a difference. A positive impact on the fight against costly global warming.

How so you ask?

Eco Car Freight

Think of vehicle shipping as mass transit. A form of car pooling if you will. Only instead of people, it's vehicles being moved. Loading up car carriers with multiple vehicles is actually better for the environment than taking separate trips. It's all about economy and emissions. Or rather, reducing them and the environmental costs!

Car Carriers

Car carriers get fewer km's per litre than cars. Remember though, they're transporting more vehicles. Usually around 10 times or more. This reduction in individual trips means an overall reduction in costs and fuel used in transportation. Less fuel burned results in less emissions. And fewer emissions released means less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In other words, a helping hand in the fight against global warming. So it's win, win really.

It might not seem much, but every green movement counts. So give green vehicle shipping a go. Help cut the cost to planet Earth with eco-friendly transportation.

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