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Motorbike Transport and Car Transport

Your passenger car or motorbike might just be your mode of transport or it might be your passion.  Either way Compare Quotes will help you find the right company to ensure that it's safely transported.

Safe and sound vehicle transport

Naturally you’re concerned about your vehicle but the transport of standard vehicles such as passenger cars and motorbikes can be safely managed – here’s how.
For your safety the car or motorbike transport driver will drive your vehicle on and off the freight vehicle. You or your representative must sign a release form on pick-up and an acceptance form on delivery. It’s important to note the odometer readings at the time of pick-up and delivery as discrepancies can be queried upon delivery.

Motorbike Car Transport 

Prepare your vehicle for freighting

It’s also vitally important to prepare your vehicle for pickup. The Compare Quotes resource center has detailed motorbike transport / vehicle freight checklists and tips pages for further information.

Be sure insurance covers vehicles during freight

Insurance arrangements must be clear and in place. Always check with your vehicle freight company and your own vehicle insurer to be certain about your insurance coverage, excess and claim procedures.

It’s extremely rare but if damage is discovered, notify your vehicle freighter immediately. A post-delivery inspection will be conducted and all damage claims should be noted at this point.

Remember, all possible care is taken by the reputable vehicle freight companies that we will present to you, but vehicle owners also play a part to ensure a smooth and hassle free move.  See our Car Transport Tips for more or find a vehicle freight company in the contractor directory.

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