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Moving cars when you relocate interstate

A large proportion of Compare Quotes referrals are for transporting vehicles interstate.  This is the area that provides consumers with most concern about the safety of their vehicle.

Rest assured that Compare Quotes vehicle transport contractors are experts in interstate vehicle relocation. These trips are made safely and routinely every day across Australia.

Before you vehicle heads off across any borders though there are some issues to discuss and finalise with the vehicle transport service provider.

Moving Cars Interstate 

Your preferred vehicle transport drop-off and pick up arrangements

Do you wish to drop you car off at a vehicle transport depot.  Or do you wish to arrange for your vehicle to be picked up from your home and to be delivered to your new home interstate? While the choice is yours, fees and charges will vary.

Book your vehicle transport in plenty of time

The timing of your interstate vehicle transport is crucial. You certainly don’t want to arrive in your new state or territory to discover your car won’t be there for another few weeks! Liaise closely with your vehicle transport company to ensure schedules are tightly in place. Arrange to be contacted about the general time you can expect the vehicle transport driver to arrive.

Vehicle transport schedule changes

Uncontrollable factors such as mechanical breakdowns, weather conditions and traffic congestion can cause delays.  Provide a mobile contact so you can  be quickly advised of any updated time for pick-up, or delivery.

Your vehicle transport company is well aware of how important your vehicle is to you.  They will provide you with a realistic time frame for delivery and do their best to achieve that.

For more, see our car transport FAQ, car transport Tips, car transport Checklist and other car transport Articles.  Or simply start comparing quotes.

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