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Car carriers: the ultimate multi-tasker!

When our family relocated interstate, had four vehicles to move. Not to mention an entire household to shift! Juggling so many balls in the air, we were thrilled to pass one biggie to professional car carriers. Here's how vehicle freight saved us oodles of stress, inconvenience and cost.

When to use multi-vehicle freight

Gone are the days of the single-car family. Oftentimes, parents and kids have a car each. Then there are the specialty vehicles you may have like a sports, 4WD or classic car. Each is a major investment and a crucial player in maintaining your busy family schedule.

Moving Multiple Vehicles

But when you need to get multiple cars to a new destination, your hands can become suddenly clammy on the steering wheel! You needn't worry though. Professional car carriers offer the one-stop solution.

Essentially, we needed our four cars to arrive on time and in perfect nick at our new destination. At the same time we wanted to offset damage or excessive cost. Not to mention handball the logistics of moving several cars at once! Using a multi-vehicle freighter, professional car carriers can make all this possible like they did for us.

Benefits of leaving multi-vehicle freight to the pros!

Ever wonder why dealers opt to have new cars delivered by multi-vehicle movers? Because this is a convenient and economic way to ensure all cars remain in supreme condition. And several vehicles can be delivered at once. Isn't it great to know that the same first-class treatment is available to your own cars! They needn't be new off the lot or super shiny to benefit from a car carrier service. And you reap the benefits too, like:

  1. Custom-built multi-vehicle freight
  2. Safe secure shipping
  3. Expert handling by vehicle movers
  4. Enclosed transport option
  5. Full insurance cover
  6. Easy freight of non-standard or oversized vehicles

We paid a single upfront fee, rather than splashing out on fuel, motels, tolls and dining costs we'd have incurred if we'd become DIY vehicle movers. Plus we saved hours of upset family routine and discomfort from long-distance driving! Car carriers are angels of the road when it comes to freighting several cars, so get them in the driving seat for your 'fleet'!


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