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Essential paperwork for moving vehicles overseas

Paperwork. It can be confusing and time consuming. No to mention boring. Basically, no one likes doing it. Unfortunately though, it has to be done. Especially when undertaking vehicle transport overseas. Luckily there's a way to minimise the hassles and workload. Read on to find out how.

Moving overseas - background check

Before seeking a quote for your vehicle transport overseas, ask yourself one important question. Ask yourself if you intend driving the car or simply keep it in storage. Some countries require modifications be made to your vehicle in order to classify it roadworthy and driveable. Modifications can range from changes to lights, seatbelts and even the petrol tank location. Some countries are also known to charge more for insurance on imported vehicles. In other words, make sure you really need to take your car with you. The costs can soon add up.

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This is all information the car mover will need to calculate an accurate quote. And paperwork.

Accurate paperwork and quote

So you want your car with you overseas. Select right and you won't have to concern yourself with daunting paperwork.

A key tip is to select a car mover with vast knowledge of the country you're moving to. They will know the local laws and regulations. Best of all, they'll know it in detail. They'll also know what paperwork is required before shipping and at the destination port. From taxes to regulations, a good car mover will think of everything. After all, there's nothing like past vehicle transport experience to rely on.

So do your research. Get your quotes. Do everything - other than the paperwork!

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