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Preparing your car for shipping

Preparation is key goes the saying. Take the time to prepare and things generally run smoother. Vehicle shipping is no different. A few simple steps can save hassles for you and the car carrier. Not to mention costs. So ship smarter. Be prepared.

Vehicle shipping preparation tips

Although it'll take extra time and effort, it's worthwhile. You'll ensure you car arrives safer. And at a lower cost. Sounds good doesn't it. Follow these tips the next time you ship your car:

  1. Wash car thoroughly and note any damage (scratches, marks etc)
  2. Remove all personal objects from the interior.
  3. De-activate car alarm
  4. Don't fill your gas tank
  5. Remove loose or fragile body parts (spoilers, fog lights etc).
  6. Fold in mirrors and remove antenna(s)
  7. Ensured battery is fully charged, tyres are inflated and there's no oil leaks.
Prepare vehicle shipping car carrier

Reducing car carrier costs

Follow those tips and car carriers will love you. Not to mention the insurance companies. That spells good news for you. Lower costs good news.

For example, the low fuel tank saves weight compared to a full tank. A big tick for car carriers. You've also made car carriers job quicker by having your car ready to load. They can simply pack and get going. Another big tick.

So be prepared. Preparing your car for car carriers can pay off.

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