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How vehicle freight makes moving your boat cruisy!

Nothing can beat the therapeutic motion of the sea beneath you. But we all have to return ashore at some point - even our boats. Here is where a professional shipping company takes over from the ocean as ‘prime boat mover’.

Ongoing fuel, maintenance and repair make your boat a big investment. So whenever I need to move my boat across land, I head straight for a trustworthy vehicle freighter. I wouldn’t trust anyone else (not even myself!) to keep my boat ship-shape during transit.

Don’t listen to the shipping siren’s song!

One thing all boaties are concerned with – the safety of their vessel. There is a lot to moving your boat across land. So many traps for young and seasoned players alike.

You need to consider:


Vehicle Freight Boat Shipping
  1. Securing appropriate trailer and equipment
  2. Protection against road and weather risks
  3. Safety standards
  4. Marina/dry-dock regulations
  5. Fuel/mileage costs
  6. Insurance cover
  7. Adequate hands on deck to help

So I thoroughly weighed up a DIY move or professional shipping of my boat. Clearly if I did it myself and put a foot wrong I risked major damage to my vessel and significant additional costs. So the best voyage I ever took was that which landed me at a shipping company.

Vehicle freight keeps your vessel ship-shape

When moving your boat, there really is no substitute for getting experts on the job. My chosen shipping company took care of all those basic considerations. They also offered expert advice and information. I learned a lot about the special requirements of moving boats that I never knew before – and I am a seasoned sea farer.

Using Compare Quotes, I got an instant itemised online quote for a quality-tested shipping service offering:

  1. Licensed vehicle freight
  2. Short or long-distance haulage
  3. Full insurance
  4. In-depth knowledge of interstate requirements and regulations

All of a sudden, I felt I had found my sea-legs again! Professionally shipping my boat with a vehicle freight company instantly calmed any potentially troubled waters. I was able to rest easy and simply look forward to once again taking to the sea.


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