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Transporting Tractors

Whether you're moving properties or just buying some new machinery, you'll need the services of a professional to transport your tractor between sites. Tractor transport doesn't have to be tricky, but a lot of the concerns faced by car and motorbike owners still apply to you.

Tractor transport insurance

If you rely on your tractor for income, you want to make sure you're covered in case of any unfortunate accidents.

Check that your commercial or vehicle insurance policy covers your tractor during transportation, and talk to your freight company about their own policy.

Transporting Tractors

Preparing tractors for transport

Before transporting your tractor, clean it, make sure the tires are fully inflated and leave the fuel tank about - full.

Ensure everything is in good condition and that all four wheels can be easily rolled for loading and unloading.

Ensure the cabin of your tractor is free of any loose items.

Tractor condition reports

Tractors are a lot sturdier than your average passenger or commercial vehicle, but you don't want to be surprised by a few extra dents when it comes off the truck!

Always prepare a detailed pre-transport condition report of your vehicle, and take a few photos if possible. This way, you can prove that any damage occurred during transport and lodge a claim with your transport company.

Secure tractor transport

A qualified vehicle transporter will ensure your tractor is properly secured during transport using industry standard equipment and procedures. Our licensed vehicle freighters will ensure that your asset is protected throughout transportation.

Collectable and antique tractors

If you're an antique tractor enthusiast, you might want to consider a car freight service that specialises in transporting unique vehicles.

Our qualified transporters can work with your special requirements like enclosed containers or extra padding and protection.

Compare quotes on professional tractor and vehicle transport today.

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