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Transporting unique vehicles

Bit of a petrol head? Can't bear the thought of not driving your unique vehicle? That's fair enough. Whether moving town or state, car relocation can be daunting. But done right, it doesn't have to be.

Below are some tips to assist with relocating and transporting your collector's car.

Every car is unique in some way. Regardless of its age. New cars a relatively simple to transport. Old cars, however, require more care than typical vehicle transporting. Vintage cars tend to be more fragile and require special handling. Just like people really.

Unique Car Transport

You'll require proper tie down equipment. You'll also need extra padding to protect delicate paint work from scratches. Also think about it the vehicle being covered/enclosed. It depends on your desired level of care really. And budget.

Unique car relocation

To ensure you car arrives safe and sound, follow these handy vehicle transport tips. Stick to these and you shouldn't go wrong.

  1. Inspect and note the condition of your vehicle prior to loading.
  2. Remove all belongings from inside the vehicle
  3. Remove fluids where possible
  4. Shop around between car shipping companies
  5. Read and understand the selected companies insurance and damage policy
  6. Re-inspect car on delivery
  7. Don't take possession of the car unless 100% satisfied

After all, your unique vehicle is your pride and joy, so transport it correctly ... and safely! Happy motoring.


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