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Avoid car freight becoming hell on wheels!

Despite a lifetime of transporting us from A to B, cars themselves often need to hitch a ride. And it is not always as easy as hopping behind the wheel yourself.

Perhaps you have finally bought the car of your dreams from an interstate vendor. Or you may be moving house across State. That is when the need to transport your car to its new destination can puncture your positivity.

Cars are a major investment and you want it to arrive intact! The easiest safest way to achieve this is with professional car freight.

Interstate Car Freight

Why use a professional car freighter

When I first heard of car freight, I thought it was a real lark. Why use a vehicle to transport another quite capable of taking to the road itself?

But my fog lights soon kicked in. Across Australia everyone from die-hard car enthusiasts to families are using this service for:

  1. Domestic vehicles being moved interstate
  2. Used cars bound for new interstate owners
  3. Imported vehicles en route to new Australian owners
  4. Sports or novelty cars unable to be driven on regular roads
  5. Luxury and classic cars

Families and domestic car owners have plenty to gain from using car freight. Much as we'd love it, a car cannot be easily packed up with the rest of our belongings. The same is true when you buy a car from an interstate vendor.

I have been in both positions and thank goodness there is an easy answer. With car freight you can avoid long-distance driving fatigue not to mention vehicle wear and tear. And your much-needed vehicle will roll up at your new destination unscathed!

Switch ignition on your car freight hunt

Compare Quotes makes it easy with instant online quotes from quality-tested freighters. Ensure your car is freighted by dependable experts by confirming your chosen company has:

  1. A strong reputation
  2. Appropriate licensing
  3. Full insurance to protect your car against damage during transit

Put yourself behind the wheel of seamless interstate car freight. Your vehicle will thank you for it.


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