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Vehicle transport: how to avoid a costly mistake

Relocation is a costly business! Moving yourself, your family and your household is no mean feat. Then you need to consider getting your car to your new abode. For anything other than a local move, vehicle transport is the most easy and efficient way to freight your wheels. But don't forget the golden rule ... always get an upfront cost first! You can quote me on that.

Fully itemised freight is key

A sad truth is that cowboys exist in every business. Even those industries where they are behind a wheel instead of astride a horse! Without a firm quote in place, you could fall victim to sub par vehicle transport with a hefty price tag.

A fully itemised quote lets you avoid being sideswiped by an exorbitant final bill. There will be no surprises. You'll know what you'll be paying ahead of time and understand how your vehicle transporter arrived at that final cost. Best yet, you will see exactly what your service package includes thanks to a full breakdown of costs.

compare similar vehicle freight costs

Mobilise your money with a vehicle transport quote

Few are lucky enough to have a bottomless bank balance, especially in the midst of a relocation. Whether merely moving your car or shifting an entire household, you'll be watching your pennies. The convenience and expert freight conditions provided by vehicle transporters can save you costs. Not to mention bringing great peace of mind. A humble quote helps you get the most out of your money by letting you:

  1. Compare apples with apples when weighing up different vehicle transporters
  2. Choose a freight package to suit your budget
  3. Lock in a final cost and freight schedule upfront
  4. Get the best price

One final tip is never to confuse a quote with an estimate. An estimate is a rough cost subject to change throughout freight. Compare this with a quote that sets your vehicle transport cost in concrete.

An itemised vehicle transport quote lets you cut costs without having your freight provider cut corners. It is the ultimate in peace of mind and cost management.

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