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Choosing carpet is not as simple as it may first seem. There is a wide variety of choice, quality and price range. Many people aren’t aware of the main points to consider when making such and important purchase. This How To guide provides a short summary of how to approach the task.

Choosing the best carpet

Your carpet investment will depend on a number of factors. Your carpet needs to last a long time, so you should choose one that fits both your current and planned future lifestyle. Be clear about this before seeking advice from a carpet professional. As a general rule of thumb, higher price indicates better quality. So the budget you put around your carpet purchase will dictate quality, durability and looks.

Carpet construction

In general your choice of carpet will probably be woven (sometimes called Axminster) or tufted.

Woven carpet:

is made on a large loom and offers almost unlimited pattern choice. It is high quality and both time and labour intensive to manufacture. You will find these factors reflected in the price.

Tufted carpet:

uses a process similar to a sewing machine. The last stage of production involves application of latex and other backing to stabilise the carpet and give it form.

Carpet design

Carpets are available in 3 main styles:

  1. Cut pile – for use in most locations this carpet features single individual fibre tips
  2. Loop pile – ideal for high traffic because the fibre loops make this carpet highly durable
  3. Cut and loop – a combination design that’s great for disguising dirt and soil

Other carpet factors

When it comes to choosing your carpet, other things to consider are:

  1. Fibre type (for example wool, nylon, polyester)
  2. Weight (how much fibre per square metre has been used in manufacture)
  3. Density (how close together the carpet fibres have been placed)
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