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Cleaning Stone And Sandstone

Of all the external hard surfaces, stone and sandstone need the most care in cleaning because they are porous, especially sandstone.

Remember, if you’re thinking of selling your property, get a contractor to help clean up outside, as presentation is everything!

To clean stone and sandstone surfaces and pavers, use a swimming pool cleaning product that doesn’t contain chlorine. Chlorine runoff from washing the stone will kill any grass or plants nearby.

Dilute ½ cup of the pool cleaner in a bucket of cold water, and scrub gently over the surface. Leave for a couple of hours, or overnight, then rinse with cold water.

Bird and Animal Droppings

Remove any solids, and clean as above with swimming pool cleaner. It may take a couple of sessions to remove the stains completely, or to a point where they don’t annoy you, but sunlight will help fade them away.

stone and sandstone

Dark Stains from Flowers or Berries

You will need dry-cleaning fluid to remove these. Wearing rubber gloves, dab dry cleaning fluid on the stained area with a rag or cotton ball.

As soon as the stain comes out, rinse the stone with a clean cloth or sponge and cold water.

Oil or Fat from the Barbecue

You will need chlorine to shift the grease. Chlorine is a strong bleach and will kill any grass or plants nearby, so wear rubber gloves and be careful not to splash any liquid.

Chlorine also creates strong fumes, so wear a face mask while you use it.

Dissolve a quarter of a tablet of swimming pool chlorine in a bucket of cold water. Using a scrubbing brush, wet the stain with the chlorine solution and scrub carefully.

As soon as the stain is gone, neutralise the chlorine with vinegar, then rinse with clean cold water.

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