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First Aid for Carpets

You’ll get a professional carpet cleaner for the major carpet clean, but it’s handy to know how to deal with spills and stains as they happen, and stain removal will save you dollars on the professional clean.

Pets sometimes have accidents, especially while you’re out. Remove any solids, blot with paper towel/clean rag until dry.

Sprinkle bicarb on spot and spray with vinegar. Or use a commercial spot cleaner. Scrub with sponge or dish brush, leave to dry and then vacuum. Repeat until mark disappears.

stained carpet

Coffee and Tea Stains

Who hasn’t tripped and spilt coffee or tea on the carpet? The spot cleaner or bicarb and vinegar come to the rescue again.

Just spilt? Blot up excess quickly and while still damp, sprinkle a thick layer of bicarb. Vacuum when dry.

Old stains need more work. Use commercial spot cleaner, or dampen stain with vinegar and sprinkle thickly with bicarb. Vacuum when dry. Repeat if necessary.

Red and White Wine Stains

Parties are fun, but often your carpet suffers: drinks get knocked over or just bumped. Mop up spills immediately, and sprinkle thickly with bicarb. When your guests have gone, vacuum up the dry bicarb. Repeat if necessary, working bicarb into carpet with a little vinegar and a stiff brush.

Old Red Wine Stains

Dampen a sponge with vinegar or methylated spirits and rub gently. Leave to dry. Repeat if necessary.

Orange Juice Stains

Blot up excess quickly and apply the spot cleaner. If the stain has set, dampen it first with lemon juice or vinegar, before applying spot cleaner.

Lipstick Stains

Lipstick is greasy and the mark will spread if you rub it. Dab stain with dry-cleaning fluid on a cotton ball, then cover thickly with bicarb. Vacuum when dry.

Nail Polish Stains

Nail polish stains are hard to remove, but can be done methodically and carefully using a metal comb and acetone-based nail polish remover.

Don’t use a plastic comb; the acetone will melt it and make the problem worse. Place the comb under the stain, between the carpet fibres and the base. Dab the stain with acetone on a cotton ball.

Don’t wet the carpet with the acetone, blot it with paper towel as you go. Finish with bicarb and vacuum.

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