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Cleaning FAQ

We’ve put together a selection of commonly asked questions to help you find quick, clear answers about house and office cleaning.

Why hire a professional cleaner?
Using a cleaner means you can enjoy a clean home, manageable housework and plenty of spare time.  Commercial cleaners keep all your office cleaning under control so you can focus on your work or business.
When should I use a professional cleaner?
Most offices are cleaned daily but many people use a house cleaner every week.  You may prefer more or less often or have a one off need like moving house, clearing up after a party or help as you recover from illness.
How do I know my cleaning company is trustworthy?
All companies you find on Compare Quotes have been quality tested.  Rest assured you’ll receive a professional service at the level you choose.
Must I be there when the cleaners come?
This is optional.  Cleaners can work at your home or office while you are out, providing they have access.
Will I have to give the cleaners a key to my house or office?
If the cleaners will be working on your house or office when you’re not there, they will need a key and access security codes.  For your reassurance, Compare Quotes are pre qualified before featuring on our website.  A quality contractor will be happy to discuss any security concerns you may have.
What do I do with my pets?
Discuss this with your chosen cleaner to achieve a suitable solution.  As a rule, you should ensure your pets cannot interfere with the cleaners’ work.
Are professional cleaners insured?
Most professional cleaners are insured.  To be sure what’s covered under their policy, it may be a good idea to discuss insurance cover with your chosen cleaner.
What does a professional cleaning service cover?
Generally, your cleaning company will tailor a package to suit your particular cleaning needs.  This can range from windows to small areas, dusting, bathrooms, oven clean right through to your entire home or office.  Naturally your needs and expectations will affect cost so discuss this with your chosen cleaner.
What if the cleaners break something in my home/office?
Your cleaner will treat your home or office with utmost care.  To avoid potential difficulty, agree with your cleaner what happens if a breakage occurs right from the outset.  Clarify their policy in this regard so you know what steps you need to take if the need arises.
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