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Cleaning is a part of life we all enjoy the outcome of, but many can’t find the time to do themselves.  This How-To guide helps you make all aspects of your cleaning needs fast, effective and easy.

Organise your cleaning

Whether you use a professional cleaner, or handle the task yourself, organisation is the key.  Choose where to begin and make a list or schedule that’s clear to your cleaner, you and your family.  Spread the load fairly so that everyone gets a chance to rest and relax.

Identify any problem areas or special once off tasks (like an oven clean) before cleaning begins.  That way the correct time can be allocated.  Be sure the right products and equipment are available.

Get motivated

Everyone enjoys working or living in a neat, clean space.  So get motivated to contact that cleaning contractor or roll your own sleeves up.

Create a cleaning routine to agree with your cleaner, staff or family.  Perhaps a professional cleaner could handle the less desirable or more hazardous tasks for you.  Be sure to agree on goals and expectations that can be measured or rewarded.
Nothing will motivate you or your staff better than some up-beat music or a new piece of equipment.

List your priorities

Once you have your cleaning jobs listed and scheduled, give each one a priority.  Identify daily tasks with high priority as weekly and less frequent tasks have more flexibility.

Your cleaning products

Depending whether your need is domestic or commercial will affect the products and equipment you need.  Be clear if green cleaning products or other aspects are important to avoid wasting time and money on the wrong tool for the job.

Planning a carpet clean

Carpets take time to dry and recover from cleaning.  A professional cleaner is the best person to handle your carpet clean, but there are many contractors and options to choose from.  For example steam clean is deeper and more effective but you may be able to walk on dry cleaned carpet sooner.
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