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Cleaning Outside Hard Surfaces

Whether you’re preparing your property for sale or just want to spruce the place up, you need to do more than just sweep the hard surfaces outside.

If you’re thinking of selling your property, get a contractor to do a professional job, as presentation is everything!

But between major cleans, you can easily maintain your outdoor areas.

To clean hard surfaces outside, use your environmentally friendly products from the pantry: vinegar and bicarb, or a dilute solution of all purpose detergent.

In addition to vinegar and bicarb you need a stiff broom or scrubbing brush.

spruce up outdoors 

Bricks and Pavers

Dampen pavers or bricks with a little vinegar, sprinkle with the bicarb and spray a little more vinegar over. Scrub with stiff broom or brush and rinse with cold water.


Outdoor tiles are usually glazed, and they can become slippery after cleaning. Once again, vinegar comes to the rescue!

Clean the tiles the same way as the pavers, or use a dilute solution of all purpose detergent.

To prevent slipperiness, rinse off with water with a cup of vinegar added.

Stains on Tiles

Plants often leave stains on your tiles from petals, pollen or leaves. Use an effervescent denture cleaning tablet to remove the stain.

Damp the tile, put the table on the stain area and cover with a damp sponge or cloth. Leave overnight.

Alternatively, sprinkle thickly with bicarb, dampen with vinegar, and scrub with a stiff brush. Leave for a few hours, then rinse.

Bird droppings can be cleaned off this way, after first scraping off as much solid as possible.

Unsealed Tiles

If the tiles are unsealed, clean with bicarb and vinegar. If you plan to seal them, clean them first and leave to dry before sealing.

Stone and sandstone

Stone and sandstone need the most care in cleaning because they are porous, especially sandstone. Read all our tips on cleaning stone and sandstone.

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