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Cleaning Swimming Pools, Spas and Saunas

A swimming pool can be a bit of a chore to clean and maintain, so it’s probably best get to a professional pool cleaner.

However, there are still things you can do to keep your pool clean and safe!

Check the pH Level

Maintaining the right pH is very important for the health of your pool. Get a testing kit if you don’t already have one, and test water weekly.

Check the water level make sure the pool is full enough so the water is the right pH.

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Prevent Bacteria and Algae

Chlorine is effective, but not everyone likes the chlorine smell. There are other commercial products such as Algene or Bacquacil that will keep your water crystal clear.

Remember the sunnier the day, the more chlorine or other chemical you’ll need to prevent bacteria and algae.

Skim the Pool

Skim the pool regularly to collect leaves and any other floating rubbish that might clog the filter.

Don’t leave anything in the pool that could get caught in the filter and clog it.

Scrub floors and walls

Even if your pool has an automatic system, manually scrub and vacuum all areas of the pool walls and floor at least once a week.

There are places in every pool that automatic cleaning systems miss. Be sure to scrub corners, stairs and other hard-to-reach areas that get little circulation.

Scrub The Tiles

Clean the tiles above the pool or on the surrounds with Gumption and a stiff brush.

Use chlorine or Bacquacil to remove moss and deter it from growing back on tiles or pebbles around the pool.

Cleaning Spas

The warmth in spas encourages bacterial growth. Fight it by maintaining the correct chemical level as per the manufacturers instructions.

Change the water regularly, and back-flush with vinegar at every second use.

Cleaning Saunas

Other than vacuuming and mopping, the main task is cleaning the rocks, if anything other than sauna fragrances and clean water has been poured over them.

Never clean hot rocks, but allow them to cool completely. Soak them in a weak solution of detergent and water and wipe them with a cloth or sponge.

Make sure the rocks are rinsed thoroughly, and allow them to dry completely before replacing them.

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