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Cleaning Tips and Hints

Here’s some handy hints to keep your home or office spick and span in between cleaning visits. A professional cleaner will ensure your stays clean and tidy … and you’ll have time for a cuppa!


  1. Most dirt comes from outside – so this is where cleaning should start.
  2. Around entranceways, avoid sand, small rocks or anything that could be tracked inside.
  3. Regularly sweep outdoor areas (eg. decking, driveways, paths).
  4. Use an entrance mat to collect excess dirt on shoes.
  5. Use regularly washed mats indoors to collect excess dust/dirt.
  6. Use effective cleaning tools (eg. high filtration vacuum bags, treated dusters).


  1. Consider using a commercial cleaning company, who will do the job fast and efficiently.
  2. Survey each room of your home for problem areas and develop a cleaning plan of attack.
  3. Create a schedule for your daily house cleaning.
  4. Clean spills and messes while they are still fresh.
  5. Identify your particular cleaning needs and invest in supplies/tools to get the job done.
  6. Mixed colors or dark shades minimise the appearance of dust and dirt.
  7. When self-cleaning, establish a pattern of work that stops dirt entering areas you’ve already cleaned.
  8. Always complete a cleaning job once you’ve started.
  9. Use lively music to make cleaning fun and pass quickly.
  10. Wear comfortable, convenient clothes.
  11. Select the correct household cleaning products for different surfaces.
  12. Follow instructions on cleaning product labels for best results.
  13. Get other members of the family involved and make the task fun. Have a cleaning ‘time challenge’.
  14. Begin cleaning at the top of the house and proceed downwards.
  15. Clean items from the top and work your way down.
  16. Open your windows during and after cleaning, to keep fresh air circulating and minimise the effects of chemical based cleaners.
  17. Don’t clean what isn’t dirty.
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