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Green Cleaning Tips

Many of the cleaning products we use daily in our homes have a potentially hazardous effect on the environment and your health. Here are our top tips on staying green while you clean.

Use environmentally friendly products

Most traditional cleaning products contain toxic chemicals, are non-biodegradable or come from non-renewable petroleum sources.

Your supermarket now has a range of green cleaning products that do just as good a job in your home, without damaging our environment.

Enjo engineers re-usable cloths that can clean anything in your house without the need for chemicals.

Make your own cleaning products

Mix vinegar and baking soda with a little warm water and you've got a non-toxic, biodegradable spray that will clean almost anything!

Use natural air fresheners

You don't need chemicals to make your home smell sweet. Boil up some cinnamon, cloves or other fragrant spices to make your own air freshener.

Baking soda will remove any nasty odours from your fridge or carpet.

Indoor plants like Peace Lilies will improve the quality of your indoor air, as well as make the house look great.

Green cleaning

Avoid 'antibacterial' soaps

Antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaners contain hundreds of chemicals but don't work any better than regular soap and water. In fact, these cleaners can cause germs and microbes to build up a resistance to similar products.

Dispose of chemicals correctly

When replacing your toxic cleaning products, don't just throw them in the bin or pour them down the drain. Contact your local council or waste management service for information on how to dispose of dangerous chemicals safely.

Give dangerous dry cleaners the brush-off

Conventional dry cleaners use Perchloroethylene, a highly toxic industrial solvent. Seek out dry cleaners that use green methods like carbon dioxide cleaning. If you have to take your clothes to a conventional dry cleaner, air them thoroughly before wearing them.

Use a green cleaning service

An increasing number of home cleaning services are using eco-friendly methods to spruce up your home.

Use our directory to find a green cleaner for your home.

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