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Cleaning: Useful products for cleaning your home and office

You should consider a good quality, well priced cleaning contractor to tackle the big jobs in your home or office, but there are many small jobs that you can do yourself.
To do an efficient job, you need the appropriate tools and products. Here are some basics.

From the Pantry

  1. Bicarb (sodium bicarbonate or baking powder): a gentle abrasive, and also neutralises acid. Wetted with water or vinegar, it shifts stains and dissolves grease, with a bit of hard scrubbing.
  2. Vanilla essence: is a good deodorisier, especially for the fridge. Use the double strength essence.
  3. Vinegar: is a mild acid. It teams well with bicarb,and is good on its own as a mild disinfectant. It can be used instead of bleach. White vinegar or cider work equally well; white vinegar is cheaper. 
cleaning supplies 

    From the Supermarket

    There’s a wide choice of commercial cleaning products. Many can be replaced with vinegar and bicarb, but you’ll need to buy a few basics.

    1. Bleach: for when you need a disinfectant/stain remover stronger than vinegar
    2. Carpet cleaner: You’ll get a professional cleaner to the whole floor, but for stains and spills a commercial product is handy
    3. Floor and Hard surface cleaner: there are environmentally sound all-purpose ones that clean almost anything hard
    4. Gumption (brand name): abrasive and a mild bleach, great for cleaning the bath and stainless steel sinks.
    5. Oven cleaner: You can clean the oven with vinegar and bicarb – but if it’s really dirty, use a commercial product
    6. NapiSan or similar: for cleaning white sneakers, and whitening clothes

    From the hardware store

    If you can’t find it at the supermarket, try the hardware store.

    1. Meths Methylated Spirits): cleaning glass, removing sticky labels
    2. Turps (Turpentine): solvent for oil-based paints
    3. WD40: the miracle lubricant for hinges, latches, anything metal. Also protects against metal corrosion

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