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Childproofing your home electrical system

If you're hearing the patter of little feet around your home, you'll know that the house has suddenly become a potential danger zone!

From crawling age, little he or little she will want to explore every nook, cranny and object in your home. Children are innocently unaware of the dangers of a live powerpoint, so it's your responsibility to protect them from a potential accident.

The point is not to become paranoid about something going wrong, but to be prepared by following a simple checklist.

One of the key areas you'll need to monitor young children around in the household is electrical safety.

childproofing electrics

General measures

It's invaluable to keep numbers for the family doctor, the local emergency centre and ambulance close by the home phone, and in your mobile contacts list.

Make sure you have a first aid kit ready at hand, as well as a small fire hydrant in case of an accidental fire.

Ensure your electrical switchboard has a safety switch, and make sure you install covers over all powerpoints, even if they're hidden behind furniture.

In the kitchen

Keep kitchen appliances switched off at the wall and well out of reach.

In the bathroom

Avoid leaving any electrical appliances lying out of their homes, which should be in a high cupboard, and especially take care that they're not plugged in near a bath or basin.

In the garage

The garage is generally a no go area for young children due to the range of dangerous items scattered throughout it. If you do own power drills or large electrical devices, make sure they are unplugged and not left near power outlets when not in immediate use.

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