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Choosing the right electrician for your job

As with any contractor, you may have in the past chosen the wrong electrician for the job.

Managing your home electrical system and its health is not one of those things that you want to get wrong. Dangerous problems can arise, which could have been avoided by making a better decision. 

There are those contractors out there who are inexperienced, unqualified, or who will try to cut corners with cheap or substandard materials.

There are also those who additionally overcharge for work - as a result you get a lousy job and pay through the nose for it.

Here are some simple but practical steps to take that will help you choose a hardworking, experienced and reasonably priced professional.

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Make sure they're licensed

The license needs to be from the recognised State body, and be specific to the trade. Also, make sure you check the license to ensure it's current.

Ask for references

If you've had a positive experience with a contractor you'll generally happily testify to the experience; if you haven't, you're more than ready to talk about what went wrong.

Make sure the person giving you the reference and appraisal is someone whose opinion you trust in as well.

If during the quote stage the contractor doesn't eagerly provide a list of references, take it as a bad sign.

Go with your gut

If you've checked their license and references, but you don't get the right impression or feeling about working with the particular contractor, choose someone else.

As with many other things in life, your intuition is something to be listened to.

Simple warning signs

If there are other bells going off for other reasons, consider them as well. This could be as simple as punctuality.

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