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Common household electrical system mistakes

The electrical system in most homes is a finely tuned piece of machinery. It is built to be sturdy, but can come undone if not treated in a proper way.

Here are some common mistakes made in a day-to-day setting, which can be easily avoided - if you know what not to do!

Perpetual fuse/breaker replacement

If a fuse keeps blowing shortly after you replace it, or alternately if a breaker continues to trip not long after you reset it, what do you do?

You may think the answer is to replace the fuse or breaker with a larger size.

common mistakes

This should not be done. Breakers and fuses are designed to protect the wire ampacity rating and the devices and appliances they are connected to.

By connecting the wrong ampacity, overheating can occur in the wiring, which in extreme cases can cause a fire. The breaker tripping or fuse blowing is telling you there is a problem in the circuit wiring, not with the size of the breaker.

Light Bulbs - they're all the same, aren't they?

Most home lights take a 60-watt bulb, with a wattage limit posted next to the socket for safety purposes.

If a 100-watt bulb is used, it will look similar to the 60 watt but brighter.

The 100-watt bulb uses more power and, carrying that power, gets hotter than the 60- watt bulb. The socket contacts are not designed for this and as a result, the base will get hotter, causing a widespread overheat and potentially a fire.

The answer is simple - only use the suggest wattage. It's there for a reason.

Overloading Outlets

That old chestnut? We've all done it - piled electrical cord after appliance into slowly building networks of extension panels and boards.

Circuits are only built to handle a limited number of amps; the breaker will keep tripping, until you learn your lesson!

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