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Ask your electrician the right questions

If you've hired the services of an electrician for a particular issue, take the opportunity to make the most of their visit by thinking of other queries about operating your home electrics at their optimum level.

You will have ready questions about the task at hand, but you should make the most of having an expert in the house. If you don't know exactly what to ask, look over this list for some starting ideas.

How safe is my home's wiring?

This is a key question, especially if you live in an older home.

Ask the electrician if there are ways to improve the overall electrical safety of your home by installing safety switches or replacing potentially faulty wiring. .

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How long will the job take?

It's important to get handle on budget and timeframe upfront. If there are factors that could throw this out, ask the electrician to tell you honestly what they may be.

If it's a significant job, you'll need to know what parts of your home will be affected, and any structural changes that may need to happen to walls and other elements of your house structure. .

Can you save me money?

This is a key question. There may be ways, either within the scope of the work you've hired the contractor to carry out, or otherwise, to dramatically lower your periodic electricity bill.

Ask about the possibility of installing lower resistance wiring, universal light dimmers or exploring alternate and eco friendly sources of energy. For a reasonable initial outlay, you could make a huge difference to what you're paying in the long term.

If you've thought of some questions reading this, compare quotes now and start talking to the electrical experts. .

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