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Electricians Checklist

So you’re ready to call the electrician ... or are you? Use this short checklist to ensure your electrical work is completed to the quality and standard you need.

Before your phone

  1. Be clear about the work that is required
  2. Check the rest of your property for other tasks that could be done at the same time
  3. Ask other members of the family (or your staff) for their input
  4. Start and finished time planned (be flexible in case your preferred electrician isn’t available)

Planning and budget

  1. Research electricians (see how to)
  2. Investigate fixtures and fittings
  3. Plan budget with 20% contingency
  4. Spare plans available for electrician to view
  5. Ensure your chosen electrician is properly licensed
  6. Electrical work is guaranteed

Costs and timing

  1. Obtain electricians quotes and compare carefully
  2. Finalise budget
  3. Confirm electrician availability, start and finish dates
  4. Schedule payment of project deposit
  5. Purchase fixtures and fittings
  6. Plan payment of other instalments (if applicable)

Getting the work done

  1. Fixtures and fittings available on site
  2. Meet electrician at the agreed time
  3. Recap the task(s) to be completed
  4. Remain available for decision making in person or by phone
  5. Stay out of the work area and keep this zone child and pet free

After the job is finished

  1. Go through the work step by step with the electrician
  2. Obtain an itemised account detailing work, parts and other costs
  3. Collect the certificate of electrical compliance
  4. Ask about any special steps or care needed
  5. Arrange for further or final payments
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