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What is an electrical contractor?
Electrical contractors are qualified to install and connect wiring, fixtures and appliances.  They also install solar panels and other equipment for generating power.
How much does an electrician charge?
Most good quality electricians will provide you with a detailed quotation free.  For smaller jobs, a price estimate is often available over the phone.
What should I do if I need to hire an electrical contractor?
Be sure to hire a licensed professional electrician.  There a several reasons for this:
  1. you’ll get a better job
  2. work will comply with the building code
  3. you won’t have an insurance problems if something goes wrong
What rules do electrical contractors have to follow?
Electrician is a trade qualification and electrical contractors are licensed in each state.  Many electricians also choose to belong to professional associations like NECA (National Electrical & Communications Association).
What can I do to protect myself from electrical accidents or injuries?
Have an electrical contractor install a safety switch or circuit breaker.  Nearly all electrical accidents involving consumer products could have been prevented by one of these devices.
What’s a safety switch?
A safety switch is a device fitted to the property supply that cuts out electricity almost instantly in the event of a significant power leak or surge.
How do I know if my electrical installation is safe?
Only a qualified electrical contractor is licensed to properly test your installation for safety and issue a compliance certificate.  
I’ve got old wiring ... can any electrician handle that?
Old wiring can be dangerous.  Use a licensed electrician with experience in older homes or property.
What about solar electricity?
An electrical contractor can install solar panels to your property.  Excess energy collected by your solar panels is fed into the electrical grid.  You receive credit for power generated on your electricity bill.
When do I call an electrician?
Whenever you have a job relating to power or wiring.
Can’t I do the work myself?
It’s OK to visit the hardware shop and buy the switch you like the look of.  But you need a licensed electrician to complete the work.  A licensed electrician will issue a certificate to show the work complies with building standards.  That way your property won’t be devalued or insurance issues crop up in the event of a problem.
Does the electrician need a copy of my plans?
If you are building a new property it is helpful for the electrician to see the plans.  Also discuss your personal needs so that power outlets are conveniently placed.
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