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Electrical is some of the most important, and potentially dangerous, work to be done around your property.  For this reason there are strict requirements governing and licensing the wiring, connection and installation of power and appliances.
Today there is much more to electrical work than ever before.  From home automation to computers and security, theatre systems or solar collectors.  And electrical contractors handle the lot.

Set a budget

Your electrical task could run into unexpected expense without careful planning.  You’ll need to consider a number of elements.
  1. Fixtures or appliances
  2. Parts and materials
  3. Labour
You may need to speak with an electrician before your budget can be finalised.  Try and put together an overall estimate and build in a 20% contingency.  Just in case.

Screen electrical contractors

Do some homework to make sure you’re comfortable about the electrical contractor.  This can be done by:
  1. Asking about their license, insurance and professional memberships
  2. Checking how long the electrician has been in business
  3. Following up on references for work completed in the past
Also consider the general feel you get about doing business with the electrician.  Are they happy to spend time explaining the job to you?  Will they provide a detailed quote?  Can they issue a certificate of compliance?  Will they clean up after themselves?

One of the biggest issues with electrical work is safety.  Be sure you deal with a reputable contractor to avoid future problems.  And be aware that unlicensed electrical work can invalidate your insurance.

Compare quotes

Once you’ve done your research, be sure to contact several electricians for a cost estimate.  Most contractors will provide this service for free.

Ensure your quotation is broken down with clear detail and includes:
  1. An adequate provision for parts and materials
  2. A clear estimate as to time and labour costs
  3. Fair trading terms
When you compare quotes, be sure the quality and level of service is similar.  That way you can make an informed decision as to the electrician you prefer to use.
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