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Electricity is dangerous.  Faulty wiring, tired fixtures and improper appliance use can put you and your home at risk.  Have an electrician check your home periodically for problems.  And follow these simple safety tips to avoid accidents, injury and fires.

  1. Do not overload electrical outlets
  2. Have an electrician replace frayed, cracked or damaged power cords right away
  3. Purchase appliances that conform to Australian and international standards
  4. Cut the power to outlets that become hot or discoloured by heat build-up and call an electrician
  5. Use electrical appliances in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  6. Extension cords should only be used as a temporary measure
  7. Don’t run power or extension cords under rugs, carpets or furniture
  8. Be sure all appliances are switched off before they are plugged in or pulled out
  9. Move heaters and lamps a safe distance from curtains, clothing or other flammable materials
  10. Remove lint from the clothes dryer after every use
  11. Keep electrical appliances away from wet areas
  12. Install smoke alarms and test regularly
  13. Replace any electrical appliance that overheats, shorts out, smokes, sparks or causes shock
  14. Use the appropriate outlet for the appliance plug
  15. Never pull out electrical appliance plugs by the cord, or while switched on
  16. Keep children a safe distance from electrical appliances
  17. Install child safe plugs to electrical outlets not in use
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