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Tips for improving electrics in older homes

If you own or occupy a pre-1960s home you may well have encountered issues with circuit breakers tripping or a high rate of fuses blowing.

If so, you should think about employing a certified electrician to assess the possibly dangerous and outdated wiring.

We happily spend hundreds of dollars ensuring our car is safe and running smoothly, but the safety of our home environment can fall by the wayside.

The electrical installation should be checked at fairly regular intervals, especially in older homes.


Problems with degrading wires

The way that electrical installations were laid in the 1950s and 1960s consisted primarily of lead and rubber sheathed, rubber insulated cables, or cotton covered rubber insulated wiring in a split metal conduit.

These methods are now outdated.

Insulated electrical wiring should not cause problems with ageing but these earlier systems can become unsafe over the passing of time.

Safety switches

By far the most effective way of modernizing the electrics in and older home is to install safety switches. It's also the most cost effective means to minimize the risk of a serious electric shock.

This risk, both to you and visitors, is combined with the risk of fire breaking out as a result of faulty and degraded wiring.

As an added benefit, safety switches inserted into older systems can provide additional monitoring measure against future wiring failure.

Australian State regulatory bodies strongly recommend that home owners take every opportunity they can to have their home electrical installation assessed for safety.

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