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Planning the electrics for a new home

If you've been helping design and build you own new home, there's one small but very important part of planning the way your home will look and feel that you may have overlooked.

You may be picturing in your mind's eye how the rooms will flow together - where the entertainment system will sit, the computer and internet connection in a certain corner, with your favourite lamp overhead - but are the electrical outlets and communication wiring going to be placed in the right place to achieve this plan?


When building a new home, don't assume you have no control over the locations of these elements. But you will need to really think out what you need, and find out about the options available for your home.

What size electrical service do you need?

The total electrical system consists of the electrical service, as well as the lighting outlets and various hardwired appliances.

The electrical service should be of a size that suits the lifestyle of the occupants. Around one to two hundred amps should be enough for a normal sized house and family.

If you have a large audio/visual entertainment system or a dedicated home office, look into advanced wiring systems.

Minimising costs

Energy costs can be kept in check by using a control system, which can be operated remotely from your home. It's a taste of the future, but it can save you money and keep your home safe when you're not there.

With a control system, you can remotely operate air conditioning, control the swimming pool, and operate ventilation panels from work or whilst you're travelling. You can also make your home appear full of people when you're away by controlling your lighting system.

Remember, don't assume the positioning of electrical outlets and communication wiring can't be changed.

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