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Fencing Checklist

A good fence does more than mark the boundary of your property.  It provides privacy, keeps children and animals in (and out), and provides support for climbing plants. It can also deter intruders.  Follow this checklist for a smooth fencing project.

Plan the fencing work

  1. Area to be fenced clearly identified
  2. Condition of surrounding fencing checked
  3. Is it possible to cut out and replace problem area
  4. Decide if replacing all the fencing would it be better (financially and aesthetically)

Consider the neighbours

  1. Fencing project discussed with boundary neighbours
  2. Project agreed
  3. Contribution agreed

Position and height of your fence

  1. Check with local authority about fence height, distance from the road, footpath etc
  2. Check whether your zone or heritage guidelines restrict certain fencing products
  3. Where necessary, apply for permission to construct your fence

Select a fencing contactor

  1. Several similar quotes obtained and compared
  2. Cost agreed with neighbours (if applicable)
  3. Fencing removal/installation project booked
  4. Contract signed and deposit paid

Prepare for the job

  1. Obstructions removed from along the fencing position
  2. Overhanging branches trimmed back
  3. Valuable plants carefully removed or potted
  4. Materials delivered and checked
  5. Clear access to the work area organised
  6. External gates left unlocked

When work is complete

  1. Gone through the job with your fencing contractor
  2. Any questions or special care clarified
  3. Work checked
  4. Area cleaned
  5. Any paperwork, such as guarantee, obtained
  6. Balance payment made
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