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Getting your fencing project right can be easy if you follow a few simple tips.  Fencing can often be surprisingly expensive.  So hire someone qualified and that you trust.

  1. Before you talk to any fencing contractors, consider the implications of the work.  If a boundary fence, speak with your neighbour.  And check whether you need approval to build your fence.
  2. Does your chosen fencing contractor specialise in one type of fence?  This can be a better option for the level of expertise and pricing.
  3. Ask for photos of their previous work.  Or, ask about the locations of some of their work and check it out yourself.
  4. It’s perfectly acceptable to request references from past clients.
  5. Is the fence contractor part of a trade association?  While this does not assure best quality, there are certain values members must uphold.  Plus, associations usually have methods for sorting out disputes.
  6. Most fences live outdoors and must withstand weather conditions.  So ask what materials your fence contractor uses and make sure that they are of good quality.  For example with paling fences some contractors use railing timber that lasts for 3-5 years.  Palings can last 10-15 years.
  7. Ensure the contractor you choose is licensed and holds public liability and workers compensation insurance.
  8. During the research process, ask for written quotes (not estimates) from at least three different contractors.  Weigh up price against quality and service levels.
  9. Be sure quotes are free before you invite a fencing contractor over to assess the situation.
  10. Does the quote include everything?  You don't want to find there are extras such as gates or fence posts not included in the price.
  11. Be wary of contractors who don't include a breakdown of the job.  A quote should include labour, material and surface preparation costs ... as well as start and finish dates.
  12. Work out a payment plan before work starts.  It is normal to pay a deposit for materials, but don't pay the full amount until your fence is complete.  And you’re happy with the work.
  13. All quality fencing contractors offer a materials and labour warranty.  Best not to deal with people who don’t guarantee their work.
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