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Flooring Checklist

When you’re ready to start a flooring project, this checklist will help you keep on top of things.

If hiring a professional, be sure to book the installation as soon as possible

Three weeks before
  1. Check the flooring you want is available in the quantity you need.
  2. Ring your flooring expert to confirm installation date.  
  3. Start moving smaller objects from the room.
The day before
  1. Prepare the room for renovation.  Remove all furniture, soft furnishings and wall hangings.
  2. If you’re installing parquetry, ensure windows can be easily opened and shut for ventilation.
  3. Ensure there is a clear, unobstructed path through the work area for easy tradesman access.
  4. Make sure the space is clean and empty.
On the day
  1. Be punctual to meet your flooring specialist.
  2. Leave them to the job, but stay on hand to answer any questions or address unexpected situations.
  3. Ensure there is adequate ventilation.
  4. Be there to see your specialist out at the end of each day.
  5. Check with your specialist when the floor will be ready to be walked on.  And when furniture can be moved back in.
The day after/When your specialist advises:
  1. Clean the room of any accumulated dust and grit.
  2. Begin moving your furniture back into the room.
  3. If you’ve had parquetry or treated concrete laid, make sure the room is not overpowered by chemical smells.

If you’re tackling the task yourself:

Three weeks before:
  1. Be sure you have all the necessary skills and tools required to complete the task.
  2. Purchase all required materials in quantities above what you expect to use.
  3. Sketch out the shape of the room and measure the degree of any non-right angles.
  4. If original flooring must be removed, begin this now.
  5. Make sure you have a way of disposing of your off-cuts.
The day before:
  1. Ensure all furniture, soft furnishings and wall-hangings are removed from the room.
  2. Make sure there is adequate ventilation.
On the Day
  1. Handle all materials with care.
  2. Check and re-check all your measurements before cutting materials.
  3. Ensure your chemical ratios are as accurate as possible for the best finish.
  4. If you decide you cannot complete the task, don’t panic!  You can always call a professional to finish.
Note: Each floor and flooring project is different, and checklists will differ accordingly
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