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Choosing Flooring for the Home

When choosing flooring for your home consider what use each room has, and whether you need a hard, resilient or soft surface underfoot.

Will it need to be hardwearing? Will it get wet regularly? How easy should it be to maintain?

Kitchen, bathroom, and laundry

These are the wet areas so will need something that can cope with water and is also non-slip.

The choice is wide between hard surfaces like stone, marble, tile or concrete

Or you can choose from the variety offered by resilient surfaces such as vinyl, linoleum or cork.

They are soft underfoot, and can come in extra cushioned surfaces.

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Living areas

Family rooms, home cinemas, living rooms, formal dining and lounge rooms can be finished in a wide choice of flooring options to suit the d€cor and ambience as well as the amount of wear the floor will have to take.

As well as the glamourous hard surfaces like polished concrete, marble or stone, there is the ever practical and elegant tile floor.

The natural beauty and warmth of wood is always popular. For family areas and dining rooms, consider polished floorboards (link to polished floorboards article), while for formal areas, it's hard to beat the intricate elegance of parquet flooring.

Softer underfoot are cork, vinyl or linoleum tiles or sheets, which despite their ease of maintenance, offer colours, textures and design ideas to suit your decor.

Or you could explore the textures, colours and patterns of the world of carpets, especially for formal areas that get little hard wear. Velvet and plush carpets add elegance and glamour to formal rooms, but need extra care in cleaning.

Bedrooms and parents' retreats

Carpet  is generally the first choice for rooms to relax in and keep the world away. There are many grades and textures to choose from, from hardwearing nylon for the rough and tumble of kids' rooms, to the softness of a cut and loop style.

For children's rooms, you could choose cork tiles instead, which can be brightly coloured coloured and patterned.

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