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Flooring: Garage Floors

Most people don't think about their garage floors - an area of grey concrete that you drive onto every day, and that serves to support a collection of gardening and handyman tools, and things that should probably be thrown out.

But what if you want to use your garage for more than just the car and storage? What if you want it to be an extra room? Or you just want to brighten it up a bit? There are things you can do to transform that area of grey and stained concrete into a cheerful and easier to clean floor.

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Epoxy Floor Paint

The simplest solution to rejuvenating that floor is to paint it. It's important to select an epoxy paint that will be durable and won't peel. Epoxy products are designed to adhere properly to concrete and also will not soak through the porous surface.

A good epoxy paint job makes the floor much cleaner, and easier to clean, and much more attractive to look at. It takes work preparing the floor before painting, and the hard labour of painting within the set time frame before the epoxy sets, but the results are a great finish that's durable and resists stains, abrasions and chemicals.

There are several additives you can use to give your garage floor some added pizzazz. The granite look is available in a range of colours, and you can add quartz crystals for a bit of sparkle.

To avoid a glossy finish that will be slippery when wet, add a non-skid coating additive to the epoxy. For floors that are exposed to a lot sun, a polyurethane topcoat is recommended for UV protection that prevents yellowing.

Be aware that to be able to use an epoxy coating, your concrete floor must be absolutely dry. To test for damp, tape a plastic bag to the floor and leave it for 24 hours. If there's any moisture on the bag or the floor, you can't paint and will have to use another solution.

Garage Floor Tiles

Specially designed floor tiles are another option for a brighter, cleaner garage floor, with the added benefit that tiles hid the cracks better than paint. Available in a range of colours, they can be used in any geometric design you like and as many colours as you wish.

Garage floor tiles can be used on any flat surface. Manufactured from a super tough, heavy plastic, they are stain resistant and designed to be interlocking so they snap together simply.

They provide a durable surface that protects the underlying concrete from any drips or spills of chemicals, oil, grease, antifreeze and petroleum. The stains remain on the surface of the tiles and can be cleaned with a broom, some household detergents and a water hose.

Some garage floor tiles are suitable for outdoor courtyards, patios and pool areas as well. Check with your retailer before purchase.

Roll Out Flooring

Special roll out garage flooring has become hugely popular, especially with car enthusiasts. This PVC garage flooring simply fits over the original floor and is extremely durable and long lasting.

It is easy to clean and reduces the amount of dirt tracked through the home. Like most resilient surfaces, it has cushioning and anti-fatigue properties for walking and working, and provides thermal insulation and noise reduction.

Available in a range of colours, it has different patterns for different purposes:

  1. Ribbed for control of oils and greasy substances
  2. Channel for ease of sweeping or hosing
  3. Coin for attractive looks.

Installation is easy, whatever form of roll-out flooring you choose. The only tool required is a sharp knife to trim the flooring to fit perfectly.

Some products are designed to be laid in an interlocking, butt-together tile method. Others are rolled out and laid over the floor. They can be fixed to the floor with a special tape, but it is recommended to allow them to 'float' since weather extremes can cause the floor underfloor to expand and contract.

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