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What kind of flooring is right for you?  Who can you rely on for good advice about your options. This quick guide is designed to help you make the right choice.

Choosing a flooring specialist for your home

Flooring is a key part of your home.  You walk on it every day, you get to know it well.

A professionally installed floor will increase the value of your home.  It will make your living space more comfortable.  And get your floor noticed for the right reasons.

You may like the idea of saving money by doing it yourself.  But, as with all investments, think of the long-term cost.  A poor job will become a part of your environment.  Even the slightest bump or crack becomes an obvious distraction.

Your flooring alternatives

There are many kinds of flooring on offer.  The choices vary widely in price and quality as well as in purpose.  Here are some questions to consider when choosing.

What’s the purpose of the room?

A kitchen requires a non-slip surface that is also easy to clean.  A hallway floor needs to be durable and stable.  Think of what you’ll be doing in your room and what the floor will need to manage.

Do you have furniture that might do damage?

Office chairs with casters tend to damage hard flooring.  If you’re considering parquetry or floorboards, think about this.  Also, sofas and cabinets can scratch floors whenever accidentally moved.  Consider whether the furniture will be staying still or moving around.

Do you have small children or older relatives living with you?

Falling on solid floors can be painful.  If you have relatives who are unsteady on their feet, you might choose carpet.  If you have tiny tearaways, you might choose linoleum or floorboards for easy clean.  Choose the flooring that suits the needs of your household.

What is your budget?

Flooring ranges in style, colour, quality and, of course, price.  Often this will dictate what you can choose.  Talk to a flooring specialist to help you make this decision.  They have a good knowledge of the products on the market.  They can also advise on what suits your needs best. And shop around for quotes. Choose a contractor who can do what you want, when you want it, for the price that’s right.

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