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Natural stone and marble floors for indoor and outdoor

Polished marble floors convey glamour, luxury and coolness, yet in reality, these floors are hardwearing and long lasting. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Stone floors give a rustic, earthy look, a warmth that marble can't match.

Stone was the original building material for early humans, because of its strength and beauty. Natural stone and marble are the only flooring materials that actually improve over time. They will last forever. 


The quality and finish of marble tiles is very high and as it is a natural product, there is a myriad of different pattern and colours of different from the veins running through the stone. Marble is cool underfoot in summer, and helps to create a cool atmosphere in any room in which it is laid. In winter of course, a marble floor can be cold, and will need warming up with rugs.

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A professionally laid marble floor will last a lifetime with very little maintenance. When first laid, it is treated with a stain resistant sealant, which protects for around 10 years, after which it is should be resealed. Spills should be mopped up immediately, and strong acid liquids avoided. Other than mopping with warm water, marble floors are virtually maintenance free.


Stone flooring is now available in a wide variety of textures and colours. There are three basic stone types to consider: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.

  1. Sedimentary is the softest. Examples are travertine and limestone
  2. Igneous is the next hardest; for example, granite.
  3. Metamorphic is the hardest.

Slate and marble are metamorphic stone

There are also man-made stone tiles, made of reconstituted stone chips or dust. They do not have the durability or good looks of real stone. Stone floors can be natural and rustic or they can be polished to a high shine like marble or concrete. Like marble, they should be treated with a stain resistant sealant, which should be renewed about every 10 years. Cleaning is the same as marble, just a mop with warm water.

DIY marble or stone floor or get a contractor?

It's relatively simple to lay a marble or stone floor, if you start with a perfectly level underfloor and make sure you have all the equipment you need before you start. For best results in an older place where the floor might need levelling, or in tricky areas, talk to a flooring contractor.

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