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Flooring Tips & Hints

  1. Compare quotes. Be sure that your specialist is offering you a competitive price.
  2. Make sure your specialist can fit in with your timetable. Also confirm the timeframe for the installation.
  3. Inspect your new floor material before it’s installed. Make sure you’ve got what you wanted and there are no faults or flaws.
  4. Clear all furniture, wall hangings and furnishings from the room. Even large standing bookshelves and cabinets should be removed. If you have large pieces of furniture, make sure you have help to remove them.
  5. Plan your timetable carefully. Leave a few days between your flooring installation and any other job.
  6. Ensure the room can remain clear while the installation is underway. Try and keep children and pets from entering.
  7. Do not move furniture back in until your flooring specialist advises. Heavy objects can damage a new floor.
  8. Remember to vacuum a newly laid carpet. It will inevitably be dusty from storage and transit.
  9. Try to walk on your new floors without shoes for a while. This will keep carpets cleaner for longer, and will give polished surfaces more time to set.

If you’re planning on attempting the job yourself:

  1. Flooring is crucial to a room. Consider some training or reading on the subject.
  2. Always buy more material than you expect to use.
  3. Check and re-check all of your measurements.
  4. Don’t buy a pattern or material that is too rarified or discontinued. If something goes wrong with your installation, you will need to be able to purchase more.
  5. When mixing resins and chemicals for parquetry, make sure your ratios are perfect. A poorly mixed finish can result in unsightly bubbling or warping.
  6. If you’re handling chemicals, make sure you do so in a well-ventilated environment, preferably with a mask and gloves. These chemicals can be very toxic to humans.
  7. When laying carpet, be extremely careful and precise with the placement of your nails. A poorly placed nail can be very dangerous.
  8. When laying linoleum flooring, be sure to flatten any warps or bubbles.
  9. Take your time. Do not rush the task. You may be walking on these floors for years to come, or perhaps selling your home, so you will want the best possible result.
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